About me


I am Jibike, the Chocochopz Chef. I am a student, an employee and a foodie:). I am currently studying for my CIMA and MBA qualifications and when I am not studying or cooking I work as an assistant manager for an energy company in customer service.

This blog is an avenue for me to share my most treasured hobby. I have been cooking for the past 10 years first as a chore which later evolved into a hobby:). Cooking is my most efficient way to relieve stress. No matter how hard my day has been I know I can always go into my kitchen to create something. I think this relaxes me because whilst in the kitchen, I am in a world of my own listening to music and mixing ingredients to create a masterpiece, whatever the combination is I LOVE COOKING :).  

I started this blog to share my passion with you all and give you an avenue to share some of your work. I hope to provide nutritional advice and recipes to enable you jazz up your relationship with your kitchen if it for you. Hope you enjoy ur time here 😉


2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Papydot says:

    Your pleasant and positive attitude can make nearly any work seem fun and interesting.I am so happy that you have decided to spread your passion.With your relentless motivation and knowledge of cooking,I believe you will bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to someone like me who love good food but can’t cook and loads of folks out there.I am so proud of you.The sky is your limit.xxx

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