What’s in your fridge……?

I know Nwanne is going to laugh and call mi razz for the post but I had to do it for 2 reasons.

1. I love the pictures 🙂
2. My fridge content cracks mi up

Lol, I am not entirely sure whether to class this as a good or bad habit yet but for now it is normal for me. I suppose I really do love cooking that I had not realised I cooked daily. Today, I checked random pictures of my fridge content :)…I know no sane person takes pictures of their fridge…lol I guess I’m unique 😉 as I do like taking pictures of my fridge content.  Anyways I realised I do not have any cooked food in the fridge *coversface*. This is a definite WOW moment for me. Kudos Jibz ;). This just means that my future family will definitely gbadun – freshly prepared meals daily ;).

This coming week I’m going to set myself a challenge to have cooked food in my fridge. Below are my fridge pictures for 30/7/2014 & 7/8/2014 (ps: Nwanne – stop being a bad bele)



Hmmmmm looking at the pictures above I do have items that are always present in the fridge like eggs, vegetables, yoghurt and either fish or meat. I suppose that makes sense as i do something different which each meat or fish I buy. I guess I really like my vegetables and no matter how lazy I get I have to add vegetables to my meal not only for the health benefits but also the colour….makes it pretty :). In regards to the eggs; I need you all to advise me on how you store eggs. Do you store eggs in the fridge or in the cupboard? This was a conversation I was having with my friend today because she seems to think eggs should be stored on the cupboard but then I thouggt errrrr what are the point of the egg trays that comes in every fridge?


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