Fruit salad


Hey dahls!

Just when it was starting to feel like summer in Manchester the heavens open and it pours like no man’s  business *thumbsdown*. Anyways I am determined to enjoy this summer season and all it has to offer :).


Favourite thing about summer is the variety of fruits available from strawberries to melons and pineapples. These varieties help make meals more interesting to eat and look at.


My favourite fruit has to be melons, most especially honeydew melon😆. For an unexplainable reason I love it’s taste;). Melons are a nutritious food. They have high levels of potassium. Due to the high water content, all melons are considered diuretics.


Anyways for breakfast this morning I decided to make a quick fruit salad as I got in later than planned and was in a rush to get breakfast over and done with in order to meet my appointment :).


Prep time: 20mins
Serves: 4


1 medium watermelon
1 medium honeydew melon
1 pineapple
6 kiwis, peeled
200g feta cheese


Wash and chop all fruits into edible chunks. Mix in a bowl with chopped and crumbled feta cheese. Serve and enjoy :).



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