Grilled seabass with noodles


I’m a self diagnosed buying addict:). I approached Morrisons with a goal in mind. I have had a craving for seabass and thought to pick some from the fishmongers. Boy! was I wrong *coverseyes*.

I got into Morrisons,  made my way to the fish mongers but was distracted by the freezer opposite the mongers. Let’s say I filled my basket with all sort I had not planned for:). Moving on, I finally got to my planned destination selected seabass and asked nicely for it to be filleted. While he was working his magic, I was once again distracted by the fridge on the left which had all sorts of fish at discounted prices. I left Morrisons with 18 more items that I intended (picture below) :). On the plus side I was super proud of myself as I purchased all at a fraction of the original price. I truly understand the excitement people get from bagging a bargain 🙂


Now back to the meal:) I boiled some water in a pan and as it boiled added noodles and some frozen vegetables and left to cook for 2 mins. I added cinnamon, black pepper, salt and all purpose seasoning, stirred and left to cook for another minute.  If you do not have frozen vegetables you can use some tinned peas and chop fresh carrot.

To grill the fish (alternatives are sea bream & mackerel) seasoned it with black pepper, salt and lemon juice. Placed it in the oven for 7 mins on either side at 200 degrees or gas mark 5. Once grilled serve with the noodles and eat:)



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